TMSCheckDAT v1.2a for 2400/2100/7100+/7160

TMSCheckDAT is a TAP for the Topfield HD machines. Its sole purpose is to find if there is a FirmwareTMS.dat file on the Topfield and report on it.
v1.2a - First public release

Searches the Topfield for a copy of Firebird's FirmwareTMS.dat and, if found, reports where it was found, the version and the current system's details from the file.
Useful if another tap that uses FirmwareTMS.dat is not behaving as expected and you want to check what version is being found.

To Install
Download and copy TMSCheckDat.tap to the ProgramFiles folder on the Topfield. You can copy any folder where you are running a tap from, but if you copy to AutoStart you should move it after use so that it doesn't run everytime the Topfield is restarted.

When you run the tap, the details will be displayed on screen for approx. 20 seconds (or you can press the Exit key).

You can download and FirmwareTMS.dat install it in a couple of ways:
1) download FirmwareTMS.dat directly using TAPtoDate, or
2) download FirmwareTMS.dat manually from here and copy to the Topfield using FTP.

Screen Shots

Please post all feedback in the TMSCheckDAT thread on the Australian Topfield forum (site down in Jun 2013)

Original Author: tango (based on code from FireBirdLib

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