TMSArchive Change History

Significant Changes

As of v3.4a An optional Stop Menu has been introduced. It can be enabled by setting the general config parameter "Stop Playback Option" to "Display Stop Menu".

As of v3.6e The recycle bin hourly threshold check will now only delete enough files from the recycle bin to reach the threshold cleanout setting. It will delete the "oldest" recycled files first. This is the same order as listed in the "List All Recycled Bin" list (ie. the white key from the recycle bin view). Note: this list holds a maximum of 200 recycled files.
Important: The timestamp used to determine the "oldest" file should be the recycled time, if the recording was recycled with TMSArchive v3.6e or later. If the file was recycled with an early version of TMSArchive, or deleted via other means (eg. another TAP or direct ftp), this timestamp may not be the recycled date. It could be the recorded date or a even a meaningless date.

As of v3.8a The MediaFiles folder can be mounted and accessed under /DataFiles/~MediaFiles, by setting the general config parameter "Mount MediaFiles" to "Enabled".

As of v4.0a There is a "multiselect" key (default Red) that allows you to select multiple files (in the same or different folders) and then play, move or delete/recycle them. The multiselect list can be cleared with a long press of the multiselect key.

As of v4.2a Moves across mounts to external drives are performed as background copies. The original recording is left untouched (copied not moved). The copy status is displayed on the main TMSArchive list and can be cancelled from there (yellow button).

As of v4.4e The MediaFiles folder can be linked (instead of mounted) and accessed under /DataFiles/_MediaFiles, by setting the general config parameter "Link MediaFiles" to "Enabled". This is preferable to mounting, as NASMount directories can be accessed.

As of v4.5b When upgrading to v4.5b, if you have "Mount MediaFiles" setting enabled (which shows MediaFiles under DataFiles as "~MediaFiles"), it will be automatically disabled and "Link MediaFiles" will be enabled (which shows MediaFiles under DataFiles as "_MediaFiles"). "Link MediaFiles" is now the preferred method for TMSArchive to access MediaFiles. "Mount MediaFiles" can still be manually selected (if needed). If you do still need "Mount MediaFiles", please let me know as it may be removed in a future release.

As of v4.6a There is integration with the INFplus TAP. The default activation is a long press of the "info" key and this can be configured in the keys config menu.

As of v5.0a There is a new feature, "TAP Manager" mode, to see /ProgramFiles and stop/start TAPs. The default activation is the Subtitle key. A long press of the FileList key can also be configured.

As of v5.1a There is integration with Background Copy TAP (bgc).
There are 4 new config option on the General Settings screen. The main one is to choose between the TMSArchive Background Copy or creation of bgc jobfiles. If a file is moved to a folder that is on a different mount, then a background copy is triggered - either a TMSArchive Background Copy or a bgc jobfile, depending on the setting.
If Background Copy (default): then TMSArchive will attempt to copy (not move) the file in the background. There are some issues with NFS mounts, so a warning is displayed preventing copying by this method. The 2nd new config option can be set to bypass this warning and attempt to copy the file anyway.
If bgc: then a bgc jobfile is created and the bgc tap will be started. Whether a file is copied or moved by bgc is decided by the 3rd new config option. When creating a bgc jobile, TMSArchive will prompt for a confirmation before creating the jobile. The 4th new config option can be set to bypass this confirmation popup.

As of v5.2a There is a new Status Screen. The default activation of the Status Screen is the "Sleep" key and this can be configured in the keys config menu.
The Status Screen will show the staus of BackgroundCopy (bgc) jobs. It will also show the usage of each mounted drive (including the internal drive).
Selecting the "Recycle" information on the Status Screen may take a while as each mounted drive is fully traversed. If you run the AutoReboot TAP, you will need to ensure the timeout is high enough not to reboot while the mounts are being read. (eg. 120 seconds)

Full Change History

Version v1.0a (Initial release for the TMS)

Version v2.0a ("TMSGUI" release)
Update config menus to match TMSTimer v3.01
Multiple other tweaks and fixes

Version 2.2d (small fonts, up to 15 lines per screen)
Tidy up the FirmwareTMS.dat check (ie. align the fields, like TMSCheckDAT.tap)
Include year in information at bottom of screen and change size from MB to GB
Allow activation when progress bar is on screen
Add config parameter to choose whether activation when progress bar is on screen is allowed
(Needs to be optional as it can make the next display of the progress bar invisible! Why?!)
Add config parameter to choose whether the last or first file is selected when the Archive list is displayed
Add config parameter to customize the hour at which the recycle bin is emptied (if selected).
Enable the unused parameter for Recycle Bin Cleanout Threshold. Check both options every hour, on the hour
Add config parameter to customize completion value (was hardcoded to 95%). ie. how much watched means completely watched.
Fix rename on move (ie. when target file exists adding suffix (~2) was leavingbehind inf and nav files)
Check additional folders for logos (/PhotoFiles/Logos & /PhotoFiles/Settings/Logos)
Add additional date format of dd/mm (for column 3)
Add additional duration format of mm (for column 4)
Allow the font size of column 3 & 4 to be automatic
Replace numberLinesOption config parameter (9 or 10 lines) with 2 new parameters LineSpacingOption & ExtraLineOption
Add column 4 option to combine duration in mins (no suffix) with size
Cater for different size icons (large and small line spacing)
Replace icons with small icons for 14 line option
Add actions to column config menu to set defaults for 9 lines and 14 lines
Allow scrolling on info screen
Display "Loading" message when changing folders
Add folder size
Add parameter to configure the font size for the description at the bottom of the screen
Add extra sort option to distinguish between name (now includes suffixes) and trim (name without suffixes)
Add parameter to configure recording suffix ie. *.mpg (eg. TMS models) or *.rec (eg. SRP models)
Add extra options (most recent) to which file is selected when the archive list is displayed (ie. SelectFirstFile)
Include folder text in the new font size for the description at the bottom of the screen
Keep 1st column wide with small line spacing (so file numbers aren't truncated)
Add parameter to display the folder size in column 5 (with GB if col5 wide enough otherwise without GB)
Prevent crash if deleting/removing only file entry on the screen
Correct start/end times on info screen (ie. how GMT offset is applied)
Add parameter to choose alignment of last 3 columns (centre, left or right)
Add parameter to choose 12 or 24 hour format for the clock
Fix occasional sorting issue on date

Version 2.4a - Released 27-Jul-2011
Allow "record" button to act as OK key on info display (useful when renaming)
Allow pressing the activation key to close archive list (if the key has been customised and is not a key used by TMSArchive)
Expand Recycle config screen to include all recycle and delete options
Move Folder Delete option into recycle/delete menu
Add option to choose default button on the delete/recycle confirm popup (No/Yes)
If Delete Confirm Default is "Yes", then the blue button also acts as a "Yes" press
Add "Reverse Date" sort order option
Add "User Exit Keys" to allow integration with other TAPS (code borrowed from TMSTimer)
Add new parameter for MenuTextColour
Add new parameter for hiding empty folders (automatically turns off when creating a new folder)
Disable direct keyboard line selection when empty folders are hidden (ie. number keypad)
Fix incorrect recording counter for folders (caused by mismatch between inf and recordings)
Prevent channel name overrunning column5 (eg. if no logs present)
Fix crash when HDD has no recordings and SelectFirstFile is set to first
Fix correct update of file count "x/y" when using direct keyboard line selection

Version 2.5f - Released 28-Aug-2011
Fix crash with emptying the recycle bin on TAP startup
Fix crash with creating folders outside of TMSArchive
Fix crash with leaving empty recycle bin while recording (and no folders)
Fix repositioning in the archive list when hiding empty folders
Add new option to always start in /Datafiles

Version 3.0a - Released 30-Oct-2011
Add initial support for German language. Thanks to Ricki. (config screens may be translated later)
Add keyboard language parameter (like TMSTimer)
Add long key press of FileList to activate Native archive list
Add code to warn of a firmware bug that causes a crash with PhotoAlbum and chaseplay
Fixes for crashes with TMSMount
- Add parameter DefaultRecursiveDepth (fix for TMSMount)
- Introduce "reload" routine for changing between recycle bin and normal. Required when DefaultRecursiveDepth is not zero
- Add splash screen when moving a file (useful for moving to external devices)
(Note: TMSMount compatability has had only limited testing. Please test before using with important recordings)
Fix crash if the current directory is deleted outside of TAP
Fix to allow activation when file copy graphic is on screen (ie. while copying to an external usb drive from the native file list
Fix page down (right key) with hidden empty folders
Fix key handling in recycle view. Make consistent with normal view (eg. vol, mute, etc)
Fix incorrect folder positioning after a folder move from the root folder
Fix to stop moving down in file list when FileList is pressed
Add "DD.MM" and "h:mm" column formats
Replace symbol used in the file increment with "~" (was "-"). Needed to identify the difference between Hi-5 and File~5.
Modify sortname to handle both file increment suffixes and date/time stamps. (eg. to correctly handle File-110903~2)
Clean channel name before looking for logos
Allow TMSArchive to be invoked when showing radio
Enable channel icons for radio recordings
Add config parameter to customise the key to restart the last played file (was red)
Add config parameter to define a key to restart the last played file when TMSArchive list is NOT on screen (external)
Compile with new FirebirdLib (2011-08-19)

Version 3.1a - Released 11-Nov-2011
Allow TMSArchive to display if PiP is active (for European models)
Add new option to SelectFirstFile config parameter to retain the position in the archive list
Add crypt icons and display them at the end of the filename column (and in the info screen)
Increase MAX_FILES limit from 200 to 1000
Include additional German translations and replace parent text "Move up a directory" with ".."
Add config param for display program times on info screen in 24/12hour
Add config params for hiding sort options, when using pause to change sort
Create new config menu for sort options
Correct subfolder file counts (after moves and changing to/from recycle bin)
Remove potential overflows. Identified with very long filenames (from Europe)
Add config parameter to select the border colour of the popup windows
Update "Reset Progress" to "Reset/Set Progress"
Clean filename of control characters when manually renaming

Version 3.1d - Released 14-Nov-2011
Fix subfolder counts after a move
Correct SysID display in the Check Firmware action (was displaying as zeroes)
Display remote key's value on the Check FirmwareDat screen
Create a new config menu to hold the "first time set up" options (eg. language, file suffix)

Version 3.2a - Released 18-Nov-2011
Correct menu display on return from Actions menu (screen corruption)
Performance improvement (while maintaining correct subfolder counts)
Cater for the White key on CRP models (0x1003E as well as 0x10049)
Adjust alignment of text in columns
Add config parameter to customise a key to return to the parent directory
Add config parameter to customise the key to enter/exit the reycle bin
A couple more translations (Thanks Ricki)

Version 3.3a - Released 19-Dec-2011
Fix: Prevent possible crash when jumping to start of recording
Fix: Prevent possible crash when selecting move destination
Introduce automatic logging of TAP start (this will be a reboot log if tap is in autostart)
Add a new Action to the config menus to display system uptime and TAP uptime
Allow navigation of config menus by number keys
Add config option to Start in Datafiles if idle for >5mins (StartInDatafiles)
Add config option to include start time in info line (infoLineOption)
Allow next key to page through extended info on the info window
General performance improvement on loading folders
Increase range of config CompletelyWatchedPercent from 90-100 to 80-100
Clean filename of invalid filename characters (eg. ") when manually renaming

Version 3.5t - Released 28-Jan-2012 (Stop Menu and full German text)
Add German translations for config parameters (courtesy of longtom and chrisly)
Add new Stop Menu (enable with the general config parameter "Stop Playback Option")
Modify StopMenu deletion to force confirmation (ie. ignore config parameter)
Add auto-rename logic (disable with the general config parameter "Auto Rename Check Frequency")
Add zero key as a shortcut to the Actions menu (on the main config menu)
Replace jump to start API call (TAP_Hdd_ChangePlaybackPos(0)) with key generations
Remove popup message from auto recycle bin clean out
Fix: Adjust "Start in Datafiles if idle" logic
Modify "delete non-empty folder" to be a single use config parameter
Add config parameter for displaying multiple level subfolders in "move to" list
Fix: potential crash with new recycle bin list if no entries
Add white key on recycle bin to show full list and total size
Add new colour option to the selection highlight (Dark Blue)
Use selection highlight on all popups (eg. move to, stop menu, etc)
Fix: Folder counts (if updated outside of TMSArchive)
Add config parameter for better performance(?) (sacrifices up to date folder counts)
... and new since the last beta (v3.5r)
Hide the progress bar when restarting last playback with "external" key
Prevent 2nd message window when restarting last playback with "external" key after deleting file
Fix: Empty trash on startup was leaving some files behind

Version 3.7a - Released 3-Mar-2012 (Empty oldest files from recycle bin)
Fix: new recording indicator (star) when recursive depth > 0
Add config param for hiding -m/+m on progress bar on main list
Add config param for changing colour of HDD usage bar
Add config param for different font sizes for the legend
Modify config parameter to include option to display all folders in "move to" list
Add logging of exit and power off event
Fix: possible hidden cursor when hiding empty folders
Display "loading" message when starting a move (some moves are taking a few seconds)
Add config param for setting forced delete confirmation on Stop Menu (default is to prompt)
Always force delete confirmation prompt on folders (folders can't be recycled)
Fix: prevent possible crash when reading playback data from disk at startup
Fix: Delete orphaned playedFiles data on rename or move
All Recycled List (white button in recycle bin) now displays and sorts by date deleted
New option for recycle bin cleanout config parameter to only check hourly (no empty at startup or on hour)
Recycle bin threshold check now deletes only oldest files until threshold is reached
Replace "+" icons on popup windows with graphical up/down arrows
Add option for MMM ## DDD to column 3 config parameter
Add option for HH:MM (0h 00m) to column 4 config parameter (always display hours and mins)
Add option for HH:MM + (0h 00m) to column 4 config parameter (left + right justified)
Add 2 new config parameters to separate the alignment of columsn 3, 4 & 5
Manual threshold check (blue button on list all recycle bin) was not refreshing the screen
Improve performance of moves if PerformanceBoost parameter is set
Fix: Columns widths could truncate last character
Fix: Memory leak when changing tags/suffixes
Corrections to German translations
... and new since the last beta (v3.6j)
Update Auto Rename, include ##-## (ie. mm-dd) and ###, DDD (abbreviated day of the week)

Version 3.8a (beta) - Released 24-Mar-2012 (Mount /DataFiles/~MediaFile)
Fix: Prevent possible crash when reading/writing last view data
Fix: TAP_MemFree was not releasing pointers (causing phantom files when leaving recycle bin)
Fix: navigating buttons on info screen from recycle bin
Eliminate need for choosing tag string (ie. .mpg or .rec)
Remove RecordingSuffixOption parameter
Remove recCheckOption parameter
Add display config param for choosing either 'all' file types or 'known' video formats
includes (mpg, rec, ts, mp4, vob, divx, xvid, avi, wmv, mkv)
Add config param to mount MediaFiles (as /DataFiles/~MediaFiles)
Add firmware hack to allow playback of media files
Display file suffix in info section (if no .inf file)
Display a confirmation prompt before moving a file across mounts (ie. TMSMount not MediaFiles)
(moves between ~MediaFiles and DataFiles is quick)
Fix buttons on info screen that were not using the correct text colours
Modify mins text on progress bar and remove first "m", ie. was +99m/-99m now +99/-99m
Add config param for the colour of "+/-mins" on progress bars on main TMSArchive list
Modify some of the default ini settings, including:
default activation key changed from to
default line spacing changed from large to small (14 lines)
Note: defaults only affect new installations
NOTE: This IS a BETA version and may have unexpected results

Version 4.1a - Released 29-Apr-2012 (Multiselect)
Add multiselect (default red key)
Change default key for "restart last playback" to slow key
Add config parameter to customise multiselect key
Update help screen with new default keys
Fix: "deleting all progress info" and "clear last view flags" was preventing playback until reopening the archive list
Add "stop & rename" to stop menu (white key)
Add check for enough space before moving across a mount (doesn't apply to ~MediaFiles)
Fix: FileSuffixOption wasn't being read from the ini file
Add new font size 10 for the minutes on the progress bar (original 12 size is optional)
Add shadow to minutes on the progress bar to make it more readable
Automatically hide mins if the duration is unknown (ie. hide -0/+0m for some media files)
Fix: Renaming folders was not updating the myfolders array or counts
Add "stop & move" to stop menu (available with yellow key only, ie. does not appear on stop menu list)
... and new since the last beta (v4.0a)
Fix: White key wasn't working in all places on some European models
... and new since the last beta (v4.0b)
Fix: Prevent possible crash if file is not found (when Select First File = Retain)
Add configurable shortcut key to reset progress info from archive list (default key = Prev)
Add the progress bar to the info screen and remove popups when setting/resetting progress info
Add text scrolling for cursor with long filenames (scroll speed configurable)
Modify column 2 & 3 widths depending on column 3 format
... and new since the last beta (v4.0h)
Fix: renaming a folder was resetting all progress info
Modify main config menu navigation to allow '0' key to open the actions menu
Modify actions config menu navigation to allow '0' key as a shortcut to the "Check Uptime" action
... and new since the last beta (v4.0k)
Fix: add additional cleanup code for a power off event (prevent check HDD on 7100+)
Add "*YYYY*MM*DD 99*99" and "*99*99 YYYY*MM*DD" to valid date/time stamps for column 2
Add ~ to the acceptable date separators (ie. between filename and date)
Modify some of the default ini settings for columns (to be consistent with the "Default to Small Spacing" action)

Version 4.1f - Released 4-May-2012 (Logos)
Fix: length of progress bar on the info screen was reliant on the column2 width (now fixed)
Allow for SmartEPG pre-date separators when hiding date stamps in the filename (ie. soft hyphen or hyphen, not tilde)
Fix: Renaming non rec/mpg files could end up with rec/mpg suffix
Clean the channel name on the info screen. It now displays as the required logo filename (minus the .jpg)
Logo routines now search for service name from .inf file first (fix for channel names that have changed)

Version 4.1k - Released 11-May-2012 (Logos)
When hiding date/time stamps, only hide the first match
When hiding date stamp "*MMDD" check that MM is <= 12 (to stop hiding a year like 2012)
Compile with new FirebirdLib (2012-05-04)
Fix: prevent possible crash when changing file suffix and navigating to parent

Version 4.3a - Released 28-Jul-2012 (Background copy, YouTube keyboard & quicklist)
Clean logo file names (ie. ignore invalid windows characters like '/')
Exclude youTube clips in the playedFiles history
Fix: Failed rename could leave the keyboard on screen
Moves across a mount (eg. to an external drive) are now performed as a background copy
... and new since the last beta (v4.2a)
Fix: Possible crash when playing media files
... and new since the last beta (v4.2b)
Maintain the cursor position when resorting (with the pause key)
Ignore leading '[' when sorting on file names (indicates an Auto Scheduler timer that TMSTimer won't adjust)
... and new since the last beta (v4.2c)
Fix (background moves only): prevent possible endless message loop if "fork" fails
... and new since the last beta (v4.2e)
Pass through volume controls on menus, keyboard, move and info screens
Add config option for YouTube keyboard replacement
Keyboard quicklist plus translations
... and new since the last beta (v4.2j)
Shortcut key to reset progress info from archive list can now also set progress as viewed

Version 4.5b - Released 19-Dec-2012 (UTF Support, Link MediaFiles)
Add detection of analog routine to FirmwareTMS.dat check screen
Fix handling of jump to start for analog recordings in progress
Add additional setting to YouTube keyboard replacement config, to disable youTube (ie. prevent firmware crashes with old firmwares)
Add new "alive" logging every x mins (for better tracking of reboots/freezes). Configurable and default is disabled.
Change uptime to stay on screen until ok is pressed (can now be seen if using TMSRemote)
Also display system uptime and TAP uptime as both start date/time and duration
Add config parameter for clearing disk cache (only useful for debugging)
Add config parameter to prevent reading .inf files (sacrifice details for performance)
Compile with new FirebirdLib (2012-09-08)
Reverse translate all generated key events (fixes StopMenu actions on 7100+ remotes)
... and new since the last beta (v4.3p)
Add new option for positioning in move directory
Add additional German translations (thanks to longtom)
Save backup copy of ini, lastview and playback data files
Fix calculations of uptime (on check uptime screen)
Add UTF tests to check firmwaredat screen
Add support for UTF firmwares (via UTFtoANSI function from FireBird and StrToUTF8 for keyboard)
... and new since the last beta (v4.4a)
Include config option for link to MediaFiles instead of mount (for compatability with NASMount)
Add configurable shortcut key to jump straight to /DataFiles from any folder in archive list
Add configurable shortcut key to immediately exit config menus without saving (default FileList)
... and new since the last beta (v4.4e)
Remove multiple confirmation screens from MultiSelect deletes
Fix: prevent rename on move overwriting ~1 files in source directory
Force prompt on mult-select recycle without prompt (as safety)
Add code for multiselect "select all"
... and new since the last beta (v4.4j)
Fix to prevent a possible crash when toggling Link MediaFiles
... and new since (v4.5a)
Fix crash when stopping TAP with "Mount MediaFiles"
Also replace "Mount MediaFiles" (~MediaFiles) with "Link MediaFiles" (_MediaFiles) on upgrade

Version 4.5c - Released 09-Mar-2013 (Logo filenames)
Exclude non-printable characters from logo filenames (eg. Ã)

Version 4.6a - Released 30-Jun-2013 (INFplus Integration)
Introduce INFplus integration
Default INFplus keys are long-Info and Sat (configurable through keys menu)
Introduce multi-select of INFplus (for background prepare to archive)
Fix: moving file from linked MediaFiles to parent now goes to DataFiles
Fix: correct Info key handling on Info screen
Fix: Disable multi-select from recycle bin (should never have been available)
Fix: prevent stopmenu from appearing over the top of other TAPs (eg. JustEPG, INFplus, etc)
Add "Stop and Move" (yellow) to the StopMenu. Functionality was there, but wasn't displayed on the StopMenu
Introduce dynamic button images on help screen and redesign help screen
Compile with new FirebirdLib (2013-06-27)

Version 4.7a - Released 09-Feb-2014 (TMSRemote Keyboard & Recycle Bin change)
Add TMSRemote ASCII compatability (allows keyboard input with TMSRemote)
Fix: Prevent long filenames scrolling over yes/no window
Add option to cleanout recycle bin after x days

Version 4.7b - Released 10-Apr-2014 (Fix renaming with 2-byte unicode characters)
Fix: Renaming with special characters (eg. umlauts) was broken from v4.5r

Version 4.8a - Released 12-Jun-2014 (Cater for new 7260+ remote)
Compile with new FirebirdLib (2014-04-15)
(For new 7260+ remote (requires FirmwareTMS.dat >= 2014-04-15))
Prevent crashes with new Portal (Apr-2013 firmware)
Fix: Restart of playback was hardcoded to 95% instead of using config parameter for Completely Watched Percent
Fix: Prevent recall key invoking recycle bin if override recycle key has been set
(Note: if you are using Recall to invoke another TAP it will need to be set as a user defined exit key (keys config menu))
When resuming playback, use the INF Resume position if TMSArchive has no previous playback history
(Useful if the INF file has been updated without TMSArchive (eg. if the file is on an external drive))
Allow StopMenu to be displayed while the ProgressBar is on screen (playback only)
(Requires "Activate with Prog Bar" under General settings to be Enabled)
... and new since the last beta (v4.7k)
Fix: Multiselect confirmation popup was not being displayed (since v4.7e)
... and new since the last beta (v4.7m)
Add option to display .inf & .nav files in the file list (Display Settings -> File Suffix)
... and new since the last beta (v4.7n)
Fix: Shorten some German help texts that were too long
... and new since the last beta (v4.7n)
v4.8a is functionally the same as beta v4.7q

Version 5.0d - Released 23-Dec-2014 (TAP Manager mode)
Expand logo routines to also look for filenames based on ChannelID and ChannelName
Modify info screen to display possible logo filenames if the help/audio button is pressed
Modify info screen to display scroll buttons
Add TAP Manager mode for /ProgramFiles (ie. start/stop TAPs) - default key is Subtitle
Add config parameter for long press of FileList key (Standard Archive list, TAP Manager, nothing)
Add configurable key to change the file suffix filter - default key is TV/Radio
Update help screens
... and new since the last beta (v5.0a - Released 06-Nov-2014)
Display the info screen in TAP Manager mode when either the customised key for info or INFplus is pressed
Add TAPID to the info screen for TAPs & extend the authorName field to 64char
... and new since the last beta (v5.0b - Released 18-Nov-2014)
Fix: Multiselect display when changing sort order
Add customisable key for AV mode (Aug-2014 FW for TRF-2460 swapped "M" key from AV mode to Portal)
Fix: Correct 'M' and 'TvSat' remote key codes in customisable key routines

Version 5.2e - Released 13-Feb-2016 (bgc integration)
v5.2e is functionally the same as beta v5.2d
... List of all changes since last non-beta (v5.0d - Released 23-Dec-2014)
Modify "delete non-empty folder" config parameter to allow permanent use
Cater for LittleClock TAP by reducing screen area check for OSD
Modify TAPManager: Play = Close TMSArchive then start selected TAP
BackgroundCopy (bgc) TAP integration
Recycle bin autoclean (only applies to internal HDD)
Optional force delete (long press of Blue key)
Compile with new FirebirdLib (2015-04-05)
... and new since beta (v5.1a - Released 13-Apr-2015)
Fix: If Blue key is used to open TMSA, prevent the blue key end code triggering a delete
Fix: Cater for FastSkip sending a Blue release key after activating TMSArchive (from delete while playing back)
Add config parameter to include external drives in recycle bin cleanups
Cater for MovieCutter changing inode when trimming. When reloading, check inode is correct
... and new since beta (v5.1d beta - Released 07-May-2015)
Add new Status Screen for HDD and bgc (default is Sleep key)
Fix: Prevent possible directory traversing errors
Fix: Config menu wasn't working when activated from TMS_Commander
Increase maximum Recording Rate from 6,000MB to 10,000MB
Reset the INF resume position when moving files (ie. when resetting TMSA resume position)
Add config parameter to disable playback.dat for resuming playback (ie. only use standard .inf)
Allow multiselected playbacks to resume or start depending on ok/play key (instead of always starting at the beginning)
Include the extended description in the 2 info lines (if there's room)
Add config parameter to force the archive list to be redrawn every idle loop (to prevent other TAPs leaving holes in the OSD)
Add new options to column 1 to display recording size
Bypass the info screen when returning from renaming a file
Add config parameter to enable a daily reboot
Prevent restart last playback keys if playing back or timeshifting or paused
Fix: Some override keys were causing side effects of moving the cursor in the file list
... and new since beta (v5.2a beta - Released 23-Dec-2015)
Fix: Status Screen could cause reboot if mount had more than 400 folders
Fix: Status Screen didn't handle mounts with spaces in the name
Adjust the font sizes on the Status Screen for more consistency
... and new since beta (v5.2b beta - Released 03-Jan-2016)
Fix: Move Destination list wasn't showing all folders in some cases
For moves, identify if the target or source directory contains a link (for moves across mounts)
Fix: Shorten MC texts in config screen to fit the key number and remove "invalid option"
... and new since beta (v5.2c beta - Released 31-Jan-2016)
Fix: Prevent recycle bin help screen from causing screen corruption
... and new since beta (v5.2d beta - Released 03-Feb-2016)
v5.2e is functionally the same as beta v5.2d

Version 5.3a - Released 31-Jul-2017 (Natural sorting)
Change filename sorting to use Natural sorting
Add config parameter to prevent the FileList key being passed through
Fix: Renaming folder with white key was not refreshing the filelist
Extend TMSArchive.log from approx 40 lines to 200 lines
Fix: Status Screen don't cross mounts when totalling device size
Fix: List All Recycle Bin Screen shouldn't traverse mounts (unless the config param is set)
List All Recycle Bin Screen now shows recycled files on mount if you are displaying a mount when it is invoked
List All Recycle Bin Screen now displays the directory it is listing from (eg. /DataFiles, /ProgramFiles, or external mount)
Fix: Recycing file didn't prompt for confirmation while background copy was running
Fix: Add additional check to help prevent very long filenames from causing crash


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